/ Traveling Austin

Did you know that one of the nicknames for Austin TX is also Silicon Hills? I had no idea, and to me, that seemed like a really odd nickname for the city. Austin has more than one nickname though, and there are so many great things to do in the capital city. How much of Austin have you explored? I used to live 45 minutes away from Austin, and I haven’t made it by most of the places to visit there.

While you’re vacationing in the capital city of Texas, see and do as much as possible. Zach Theater is one of the top attractions, and reviews say it is a Texas treasure and a wonderful venue. You can expect comfortable stadium style seating, and you can book tickets for all kinds of different performances. Zach Theater is located on Toomey Road, and you can check the website for ticket information.

Have you been to the LBJ Presidential Library? LBJ is pretty big in Texas, one of the more prominent figures in Texas history. He was one of our presidents after all. There is a statue of him on the Texas State University campus in front of Flowers Hall, the English Building, and it was unveiled while I went to school there. The LBJ Presidential Library is located at 2313 Red River Street, and it is a total of 30 acres. You will find all kinds of interesting things there, including a replica of the Oval Office.

When I went to Texas State, my minor was history. I took a class on Texas history, and it was very interesting. It was the most up close and personal look I had ever had a state’s own unique history. Bullock Texas State History Museum can be your up close and personal look. Its location is 1800 Congress Avenue.

Congress Avenue can take you from there. Once you get over in that area, you’re not going to want to leave. You are going to find so much on Congress Avenue that it will certainly keep you busy. Austin is such a unique city, and you will find your experiences to be quite enjoyable. Have fun getting to know ATX and everything it has to offer. You will certainly enjoy yourself when checking out these top destinations in the capital city. Who knows what else you will find as you make your way around.